Nats 2015 opening day

alan_ampolsk on April 15, 2015, 04:40 pm

I've been scoring Washington Nationals games for the past five seasons using Reisner scorebooks. Alex may remember that when the books went out of production, I bought enough to last me through my Age 90 season (by which point, it's possible that iScore will actually be usable and I can switch over). But I've been remiss in not sharing any of my scoresheets - until now. At intervals, I'll post some memorable games from the past, but I thought I'd start in the sorry present with 2015 opening day. Here's the visitor page - I'll post the home page in a reply. Ian Desmond's E6 in AB 20 - running down Dan Uggla on David Wright's popup - sets the tone for what will follow over the next week and change at least. Please note that I over-annotate (I really hate backtracking) and that my AB notes probably aren't legible - am happy to translate if desired. Note also that I've added a half-tick in the strike column for throws to first - something I started doing last year. Reactions welcome. Enjoy!

150405 mets %283%29 at nats %281%29 opening day page 001.column

alan_ampolsk on April 15, 2015, 04:40 pm

And here's the home scoresheet, as promised..

150405 mets %283%29 at nats %281%29 opening day page 002.column

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