What is Reisner Scorekeeping?

Reisner Scorekeeping is a method of tracking baseball games that has many advantages over the traditional method, including:

  • Far less backtracking
  • Faster to write
  • Easier to read
  • Easier to reconstruct a game chronologically

Why You Should Care

If you enjoy keeping score at a baseball game and you use the traditional method, there is a good chance that Reisner Scorekeeping will enhance your enjoyment of the game. Most people report that they miss less because they don't spend so much time writing in between plays, and they're able to record more information.

Easy to Learn

If you've been keeping score for years, don't worry about learning a new method. It's not that different, and everything you already know will help you. Most people say that after two games they're already scoring faster than they were with their old method, and once you see how much easier it is to reconstruct every at-bat, you'll be hooked.

To learn how it works, read on.

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