Earned/Unearned runs

mattlasley on April 8, 2011, 02:37 pm

By the way, is there a good scorekeeping site out there for official scoring type things? I feel like I should be sticking to Reisner-specific things here, rather than these more generic scorekeeping questions.

On earned/unearned runs, can you really know before the inning is over? A couple of situations to start the conversation.

(1) Al walks. Al to 2nd on pick-off error by pitcher. Bob strikes out. Charlie strikes out. Delbert walks. Eugene walks. Francis walks, scoring Al. George strikes out.
Al's run is earned (imo) as Al would have scored regardless of his advancement on the error.

(2) Al walks. Al to 2nd on pick-off error by pitcher. Bob flies out to 1b. Al advances to 3rd. Charlie hit sac fly to cf, scoring Al.
(2a) Delbert strikes out. Al's run unearned.
(2b) Delbert walks. Eugene walks, Francis walks, George strikes out. Al's run is earned (he'd have been pushed home on the walks).

(3a) Al singles on fly to rf, advances to 2nd on fielding error by rf, advances to 3rd on throwing error by 2b. Bob grounds out to 2b, scoring Al. Charlie singles to lf. Delbert singles to lf, Charlie to 2nd. Eugene strikes out. Francis strikes out.
I score Al's run as earned, since without the errors, Al still moves to 3rd and is scored by Delbert's single.

(3b) change Charlie and Delbert's singles to walks.
Now I score it as unearned since the walks would not push him home.

But, at the time Al crossed the plate, he looks unearned. But in 3a, he's earned (imo). These always seem harder when it is not an ROE type error. Also, if the pickoff errors change anything, use a different type of error. That's another good discussion, as the rules say a pitcher is a fielder not a pitcher after the ball is struck, so pitcher error still contributes to unearned run. However, if POE is different, I'd like to know that. ONe more variable, take away the advances on errors, and make the passed balls. I don't think it changes the decisions above, but in that case is catcher charged with error, or just passed ball? And run is unearned...


fcabanski on April 30, 2012, 08:18 pm

Draw an open circle for an unearned run. Make a tick next to it if it could go either way. If it turns out earned, fill in the circle.

For example if there's one out and a runner advances to 2nd and then 3rd on two passed balls, then the run might be unearned if scored with a single or double. Open circle, tick.

If the next batter hits a HR, that run is earned so fill in the circle.

mattlasley on August 15, 2012, 04:26 pm

Thanks, fcabanski!
I had been doing check-marks (earned) and open circles. I like your method better, especially given the wait-&-see for some sorts of runs.

Scoring with a buddy recently it was funny to hear myself say something like "that unearned run should still be standing at 2nd". I hadn't really realized I thought about it until I said it.

on August 15, 2013, 10:36 pm


I believe you are correct on all scenarios.

Additionally, treat passed balls as if they are errors for the computation of earned runs. Catchers are not charged with an error on a passed ball.


on August 5, 2016, 12:55 am

If you see this message...if you want to talk about scoring you can contact me. mn.anthony at gmail.

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